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Orlando Prod
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Orlando was killed in Spain on October 10, 1981 by Jacinto Ortiz for betraying the Pureblooded cause. His watch was sent to his sister DJ, and he was buried along with murdered Spanish Muggleborns, victims of genocide.

Orlando Virgil Prod.

Born - 9 October 1952.
Raised - Castle Point, Essex, England.
Blood - Pure.
Schooled - Slytherin, Class of 1971. (Probably should have been a Ravenclaw.)
Now Living - London.
Working - Spanish Office in IMC. Linguaphile.
Family - Geoffrey (father) and Jeanette (mother, both deceased). Iago (older brother), Viola (sister-in-law), and Nicholas (nephew). Antonio (older brother) and Jenny (sister-in-law). Ophelia (older sister), Rowan (brother-in-law), Geneva and Tracey (nieces). DJ. Related to Macnairs on his father's side (sort of) and Lestranges on his mother's.
Marital - Single.
Otherwise - A perfect gentlemen (most of the time) and a progressive pureblood who can't seem to settle down.

"Čovekãt e tolkova pãti čovek, kolkoto ezika znae. (The more languages you know, the more you are a person.)" - Bulgarian Proverb

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